A documentary film
about sex, love
and trauma
in Australia

Gender equality is increasing
But families are falling apart.
What’s going on?

Gender inequality is widely cited as a primary cause of domestic violence yet Australia enjoys one of the highest scores on the OECD’s Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM) and many indicators show equality is increasing. At the same time we see increased levels of domestic abuse and violence, as well as the spread of violent pornography and predatory sexuality, from our primary schools through our universities to revenge porn and worse.

So are our assumptions accurate? What is being done about domestic violence and is it working? The Dangerous Dance aims to examine these questions by interviewing police, experts in the field and some of the many men, women and children who’s lives have been deeply affected by family abuse and violence.

As a community we can’t make things better if we don’t really understand this complex issue. Have your say. Be part of the conversation.

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Other questions we are trying to answer:

How does something that starts out as a love story becomes a tale of abuse and violence?

We all know what violence looks like, but what qualifies as abuse?

Where’s the line between a healthy disagreement and abusive behaviour?

What does a healthy relationship look like?

What’s a fair expectation of a modern relationship? Does our culture know? And do we have the courage to discuss this before a commitment to an intimate relationship is made?

Why do incidents involving domestic violence consume more police time than any other crimes?

Some perpetrators are women. What drives them?

How does childhood attachment, adverse childhood experiences and trauma determine our ability to maintain healthy relationships?

What is the cumulative effect of intergenerational abuse on our culture?

Preaching to the converted

We’re making this film with the not-so-humble intention of contributing towards making things better. That means making The Dangerous Dance broadly accessible and useful to a diverse cross section of men and women across our community. It’s clear already that a lot of men feel demonised and many women feel disempowered by always being treated as victims. We don’t think this is useful and we intend to challenge these assumptions. We encourage you to view this project with a generous and open mind.

Our research sources:

We’re using a lot of books, papers and articles in our research for this project. We’ve made a books page to share some of our sources with you. Yes, we’re open to additional suggestions.

Latest progress:

We’re coming up to a year since starting shooting and we’ve made considerable progress even though the important part of our funding has not come through to us yet.

We now have a page showing the people we have interviewed and the events we have documented. We’ll keep adding to it every month as we progress.

We are funding The Dangerous Dance through our corporate work and donations. Please support this production by donating (fully tax deductible).

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Your chance to participate anonymously

As we have tried to dig below the surface on this issue we have run into the repeated problem that many people are understandably reluctant to speak on camera, so we’ve come up with a solution.

We are offering you the opportunity to have your say anonymously.

We will interview you recording audio only and employ custom designed computer driven avatars to lip synch with your voice so you will not be identified.

Here is an example (using an actor’s voice as a demo):

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