The Dangerous Dance – A new documentary film project about love, sex and domestic violence in Australia

Amidst a maelstrom of activity and controversy, Australia has begun to address it’s epidemic of domestic abuse. Now, a new documentary project aims to explore how those nearest and dearest can be our most dangerous threat.

Centrally this film is asking what can be done? What can help those who do engage in abusive behaviours to find better ways to deal with the thoughts, feelings, attitudes and tendencies that underlie these tragic and sometimes deadly acts?

Over the past couple of years Australia has seen many horror headlines like “A woman each week dies as a result of violence by an intimate partner in Australia.” This is horrifying, but also the tip of a broad and deep iceberg. A peek beneath the water shows shockingly high incidences of emotional and verbal abuse, bullying and disrespect between genders. What can be done to address the terrible toll of violence and abuse?

Women and children suffer the highest percentage of physical abuse, injury and death, but men are not immune. Emotional and verbal abuse erupts in relationships across the board – and has profound effects on men, women and children who are subject to it.

Lundy Bancroft – who has accumulated a lifetimes’ work with angry and controlling men – says: “The scars from mental cruelty can be as deep and long-lasting as wounds from punches or slaps but are often not as obvious. In fact, even among women who have experienced violence from a partner, half or more report that the man’s emotional abuse is what is causing them the greatest harm.”

Abusive behaviour spreads from generation to generation. It damages intimate and family relationships, impacts childhoods, workplaces, schools and social life, and has a negative overall effect on Australian society and culture. Recent studies have shown incidences of domestic violence create huge and expensive drains on police time and health resources as well as substantial losses to businesses and the economy overall.

This documentary project seeks to find the deep causes of abusive behaviour, to search the globe for successful interventions that address abusive behaviour, and for what might most adequately help and heal those affected by abuse and violence.

We have assured that our production team includes men and women who have been affected by abuse or have faced the challenge of addressing their own abusive behaviours. We are skilled social researchers, journalists and film-makers open to learning from others’ experience – both expert and personal. We believe this is a film that needs to be made, and really want this project to find the funding it needs.

filmstretch are seeking partnership and involvement from individuals, families, experts and communities who have dealt with the issues involved in abusive relationships, and organisations who provide services or intervention. (Click here for filmstretch website click here for ‘The Dangerous Game’ website).

We are seeking sponsorship from private individuals and from businesses (click here to see how) to fund the making of this film along with a package of videos that distill the best interventions and can be used by individuals and organisations for self-help or training purposes.

We were in attendance at the first National Domestic Violence Summit in Canberra, filming interviews for our teaser (click here to watch) and talking to public figures in attendance including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Australian of the year General David Morrison, the leader of the opposition Bill Shorten and a host of eminent experts who constitute a “who’s who” of Australian domestic and family violence intervention services.

To make a real difference to the potentially dangerous dance of relationships we have been talking to experts and organisations worldwide who can offer useful perspectives and practices for personal learning and cultural intervention.

As Steven Stosny – a researcher, author and psychologist who grew up in an environment of domestic abuse – says: “Most people with real anger problems think that something outside of them controls what they think and feel. They see themselves as just reacting to their environment. I want them to learn that there’s something in them that regulates their emotions, regardless of what other people do.”

As Australian of the year David Morrison says: “The factors that contribute to the alarming rate of domestic violence in Australia are numerous and complex. Yet, surely, gender inequality and a prevailing masculine culture lie at the core of this matter. The Dangerous Dance explores these themes and more to pose the essential question that confronts us all: What are we going to do to leave a world safer for our sons and particularly our daughters.”

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