Help Stop ‘The Dangerous Dance’ – Join Our Efforts To Make Domestic And Family Violence A Thing Of The Past In Australia

filmstretch is hosting a gala dinner to raise funds to produce feature documentary ‘The Dangerous Dance.’ It’s about domestic abuse and violence, focusing on causes, early warning signs, and the changes necessary for meaningful reduction of this destructive behaviour.

We, and a host of high profile supporters interested in seeing change, believe this film is a ‘must be made’ documentary.

Time To Stop Handing Down The Dance

We know that abusive behaviour spreads from generation to generation, damaging both family relationships in the home, professional relationships in the workplace and Australian culture as a whole. This film explores how we as a society might best address those who behave abusively to help them change, and protect and support those who fall victim to abuse.

Come Together And Make A Contribution

To tackle this issue we need to prove that ‘family violence is an issue above politics’ as Rosie Batty says, and come together to make things change. We are offering you the opportunity to take part in an evening that will support further examination, awareness and cultural change around this complex issue.

Join us with other high profile individuals with a commitment to this issue. We are inviting supporters and interested parties to come together and make sure this important film gets made, and gather with others who really want to make a difference.

The Dangerous Dance Documentary Gala Dinner aims to be a fabulous fundraiser for the film and a meeting of all those across all sectors of Australian society who really want to see abusive and violent behaviour in Australian homes addressed.

With Australian of the Year David Morrison – a founding member of Male Champions of Change – as our keynote speaker, and an array of high profile guests, journalists, politicans, interested parties and supporters present we hope to strengthen everyone’s resolve and fill the coffers to be able to produce a truly ground breaking film that presents solutions that really can work.

Please spread the word.

What Are We Going To Do?

As our Featured Presenter David Morrison has said:

‘The factors that contribute to the alarming rate of domestic violence in Australia are numerous and complex. Yet, surely, gender inequality and a prevailing masculine culture lie at the core of this matter.

The Dangerous Dance explores these themes and more to pose the essential question that confronts us all: 

‘What are we going to do to leave a world safer for our sons and particularly our daughters.’

You need to see this, then think how am I going to make a difference?

The Dangerous Dance is setting out to explore solutions that might just make a difference.

Bringing Violence To An End

It is becoming apparent that imprisonment does not make abusive behavior lessen (though it may protect victims from abuse for the term of imprisonment). Research at Swinburne University by Rosemary Purcell and James Ogloff has shown:

‘A complex range of attributes and circumstances contribute to someone acting in a violent or abusive manner. These include:

Witnessing or experiencing family violence as a child.
Personal, cultural or peer beliefs that support the use of aggression or violence.
Poor language (verbal) skills, which can dispose people to resolving disputes or managing their frustration with fists rather than words.
Alcohol and drug use, which can lead people to act more aggressively.
Mental health problems, such as depression or chronic stress.
Dysfunctional personalities.
Financial difficulties and other stressors.

Many of these characteristics can be modified in treatment or other behaviour change programs, which is often the most successful way of bringing the violence to an end.’

The Dangerous Dance will explore cultural, social and psychological causes of family and domestic abuse, and the treatments, solutions and behaviour change programs that really can work.

The Dangerous Dance Needs Your Support

Please help us raise the funds we need, find the most successful ways of bringing the violence to an end, and bring those solutions to the public on film. We are asking for the following help to support our efforts:

  • Please share this article with anyone who might be interested in issues of domestic violence and supporting solutions.
  • Please buy tickets to attend our Gala Dinner on 10th August in Sydney. Please book by 8th August.
  • Or book one of our sponsorship packages for the Gala Dinner now! All the sponsorship packages include a table for ten people at the Gala Dinner Event, your Logo at the end of the full length documentary with thanks, and major discounts on optional TV Media packages (donated by Channel Seven/Pacific Magazines & NewsLimited among others). Higher level sponsorship packages include filmstretch producing 3 X 1 minute testimonial or interview videos for your company’s marketing purposes. Read about Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorship packages here, and petition companies you know to consider sponsorship too.
  • Please make a direct donation here  (all 100% tax deductible) and ask friends, family and colleagues to do the same.
  • Please inform media, political, corporate and other contacts who deal with or care about domestic and family violence about the Gala Dinner. Invite them to attend and take part in the conversation with us.
  • Please use filmstretch for your corporate video and online video needs and suggest that others do the same, this supports our efforts while we make The Dangerous Dance. Have a look at our priced packages here.

Details About The Dangerous Dance Gala Dinner

Date:10th August 2016, 7pm to 10.00pm

Venue: Doltone House, Jones Bay Whart, Level 3, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Ticket purchase here at eventbrite. Early Bird $180, Full Price $200. Please book by 8th August.

Nearby parking is available at $17. Dress code: semi formal.

Featured Presenter David Morrison, Australian of the Year 2016.