Rough cut in the can (well, on the computer)

The Dangerous Dance Gala dinner was just over 3 years ago on 10th August and we have reached a key milestone – we have a 3 hour rough cut edit done. Yay!

As we can no longer afford to self-fund we are pausing the post-production while we wait for the remaining $70k of the $90k pledged to come in from Hyland Communications. They have let us know that they are once again attempting to sell the media vouchers that were donated. We will let you know when there is movement on that front.

This pause will also allow us to work out how to best position The Dangerous Dance for maximum impact. We have had enough positive feedback to know that the material we have pulled together is a valuable and important contribution to feed in to the public conversation. The topic of domestic violence, however, is not an easy ‘sell’, particularly when you spend a bit of time drilling down to the underlying issues.

We need to take the time to work out the best way to position the documentary to draw the optimal audience. We are aiming for broad appeal and, at least, for appeal to the key sectors actively working to reduce domestic violence.

If you can offer input on this positioning piece please do get in touch.

We will update you once again when we have funding to allow us to proceed.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Best wishes
Claire and Brendon Stretch

P.S. Tax free donations can be made via the Dangerous Dance Documentary Australia Foundation – click here

Please note that Documentary Australia Foundation have recently updated their website however they have not yet brought our funding information across.