Update Aug 2017 and Michael Kimmel interview

The Dangerous Dance Gala dinner was 1 year ago last Thursday 10th August – time’s flying as usual! Since then we’ve done more than 20 fascinating interviews, in both Adelaide and Sydney, and are in Melbourne this week to film another 5 interviews. And we’ve got two big wins to report. Michael Kimmel Interview Firstly, last Sunday we had the … Read More

Production and Funding Update June 2017

It’s almost a year since The Dangerous Dance gala dinner and we’ve just updated the Dangerous Dance website so it’s definitely time to update you all. We’ll start with a funding update; to us the production update is more interesting, however, in these days of ADHD, we often don’t make it to the end of a newsletter. And we do … Read More

Progress so far ….

The Dangerous Dance has been in research and development since January 2016. This project was born out of a 10 minute documentary we produced called 10 Stories of Single Mothers and Their Children. Although this was not about domestic violence it became clear that far too many women become single mothers as a result of having to escape a violent … Read More