The Dangerous Dance mashup


A documentary film about childhood trauma, domestic violence and the way forward

The science is in: about 50% of us had childhoods that have negatively impacted our adult lives. Difficulties range from an inability to form lasting intimate relationships to addiction, domestic abuse and violence. We know that connection and intimacy are crucial and curative yet committed relationships are increasingly breaking down. Broken families and the spread of intergenerational trauma are further aggravated by an increase in isolation and the escalation of abusive communication. We are now aware of the gendered aspects of DV. It’s time to raise awareness of troubled childhoods on adult outcomes. Recent neurological research clearly traces how adverse childhood experiences negatively impact healthy brain development. Fortunately, we now have science backed knowledge of what’s required for healthy brain development in childhood. And we know what it takes to get an adult’s brain back on track. Crucial elements are connection and compassion.