The Dangerous Dance That Harms 1 in 4 Women In Australia

The Dangerous Dance Feature Documentary Is Hosting A Gala Dinner And Needs Your Support… For most women their wedding dance is a very public and symbolic culmination of a long held desire. The desire for a committed relationship, love, family and fulfillment. But love can be blind. Particularly in the early, romance stage when human brains are flooded with a … Read More

Help Stop ‘The Dangerous Dance’ – Join Our Efforts To Make Domestic And Family Violence A Thing Of The Past In Australia

filmstretch is hosting a gala dinner to raise funds to produce feature documentary ‘The Dangerous Dance.’ It’s about domestic abuse and violence, focusing on causes, early warning signs, and the changes necessary for meaningful reduction of this destructive behaviour. We, and a host of high profile supporters interested in seeing change, believe this film is a ‘must be made’ documentary. … Read More